05 August 2011

Authentication in an Internet Banking Environment

In 2005, the US Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC) published Authentication in an Internet Banking Environment building on their earlier work on electronic banking. A supplement to the 2005 guidance has now been published.

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The 2005 guidance recommended periodic risk assessments so that control mechanisms can be adjusted to respond to changing internal and external threats. The guidance stated that authentication techniques should be appropriate to the risks associated with the product or service, but that single-factor authentication is inadequate. It also recommended building customer awareness, and minimum supervisory expectations for authentication controls relating to high-risk online transactions involving customer information and the movement of funds to other parties.

On 28th June 2011, the FFIEC announced its Supplemental Guidance on Internet Banking Authentication to reinforce the guidance's risk management framework and update the expectations for authentication, layered security and other controls in an increasingly hostile environment.

The supplementary guidance reiterates the need for risk assessments and authentication for higher-risk transactions. It also recommends a layered security approach "since virtually every authentication technique can be compromised". Its recommendations for layered security controls include fraud detection & monitoring, dual device authentication, out-of-band verification, positive pay & debit blocks, transactional limits, activity limits, geo-location IP address reputation monitoring, policies & processes for handling compromised devices and malicious users, monitoring of account maintenance activities and customer education.

So, useful information, and not just for internet banking. The guidance is a good reference source for anyone considering authentication controls for access to more sensitive information.

Thank you to Alexis Fitzgerald for bringing this document to my attention.

Posted on: 05 August 2011 at 08:36 hrs

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Authentication in an Internet Banking Environment
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