19 March 2010

New Regulation of Marketing on Web Sites

New proposals are likely to mean a new self-regulatory regime for UK organisations' marketing on their own web sites and non-paid marketing on other web sites such as social networking sites.

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The Advertising Association has recommended to the Committee of Advertising Practice (CAP), for the extension of the non-broadcast Advertising Code in digital media to cover marketing communications on organisations' own websites. It will be administered by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) which welcomed the move. The ASA's online remit already covers paid-for marketing communications such as pop-up and banner ads, paid-search, viral ads, adverts in games, games that act as adverts and spots on price comparison services.

The proposals will be subject to further consultation, but are expected to come into force towards the end of this year (2010). To find out about the consultation process and the likely constraints and controls, keep an eye on news from CAP.

Posted on: 19 March 2010 at 08:48 hrs

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New Regulation of Marketing on Web Sites
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